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CBD Oil May Help With Covid Prevention and Recovery

CBD oil may help fight Covid
CBD oil may help fight Covid

Here we are, yet again, with another Covid variant reeking havoc and interrupting our lives, businesses, and family life, not to mention having a potentially highly-damaging impact on our health. In addition to the acute dangers the Covid virus causes, it’s also led so many to suffer from lingering symptoms ranging from mild to severe for months, or even years, after recovering from the virus itself. We have some good news, however. Recent research suggests that CBD oil may help alleviate or even prevent Covid from developing. 

So, how can CBD oil be helpful against Covid?

1. Prevents Virus from Growing in the Lungs

A study reported by the National Institute of Health (NIH) found that CBD oil can actually prevent the Covid-19 virus from replicating in lung cells when cells are first infected, and can even provide a layer of protection before infection occurs in the first place. The study suggests that those who took CBD oil have less of a risk of developing Covid-19, which is excellent news and can have major impacts on dramatically reducing the global impact of Covid.

2. Binds to Spike Protein

One study, led by Richard Van Breemen of Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center,  found that certain compounds within CBD/cannabidiol actually bind to the same Covid-19 spike protein that the Covid vaccine targets, which means it may stop the virus from penetrating cells and causing illness. This was found to be true both in CBD alone and in extracts from hemp, making this discovery a promising possible treatment or prevention strategy for Covid-19 infection. In further good news, during research, these CBD compounds have proven to be equally effective regardless of the variant. Research on CBD compounds and the Covid spike protein is still ongoing, but looks promising for the future of disease prevention and management.

3. Alleviates Inflammation

CBD has long been known to help with inflammation in the body, and some with autoimmune diseases look to CBD to help with their symptoms. This is because CBD tends to modulate the immune system, meaning it prevents the immune system from being too over- or under-active. Those who experience lingering effects of Covid, known as “long Covid,” may benefit from taking CBD oil in order to quell that lasting inflammation and feel better. In particular, CBD stops inflammatory cytokines (proteins that tell the immune system to start fighting) from over-producing, possibly preventing the dreaded cytokine storm that severe cases of Covid have caused.

While more research is needed in all these areas, the preliminary research on CBD oil and Covid look promising. CBD oil can be used in many other adjacent areas, as well, such as providing relief from feelings of anxiety or depression during this challenging time in history. As always, it is best to discuss with your doctor whether or not CBD oil could be right for your situation. The experts at Hope CBD are available to consult with you and provide you with the appropriate CBD products that address your needs.

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